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Transmed Clinic - Istanbul (STAY AWAY)!!

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I would like to warn everyone on this forum looking to get a transplant in Istanbul, Turkey.


I currently live in San Francisco, CA and had my operation done in Transmed, clinic in Istanbul. This clinic brags about themselves as being the first clinic in Turkey to do Hair Transplant. Well, this maybe be true but I think they are far the worst hair transplant clinic in the world. Their success rate is about %20-40.


I got my operation done in 2011. The owner Dr. Melike Kulahci was in my consultation and she said how my hair will look good after the operation and how many grafts they will do for different parts. Everything was ok and they were really nice, I paid the deposit and paid around $4000 for 3000 grafts with FUE technique. Day of the operation was good, the Clinic in fact is really nice, clean and fancy. So naturally I would expect a good result given the fact that they are more expensive than other clinics in Turkey.


So after my surgery everything was good, at least I didn't know what the outcome will be until next year. I had actually gone to the clinic everyday for 10 days to get my head shampooed and get my scalp lotioned so that I get the best result, They told me I can do it at home after 4 days but I wanted to be safe.


After 1 year - BOOM - most of the grafts didn't come out. The only good part was there wasn't a scar or anything but just not enough hair. I was frustrated I didn't want to think about it so next year, I visited 2 known doctors for consultation on my second operation because I know I needed more grafts, when I told them that I got 3200 grafts, They smiled and said there is no way, Both of them told me maybe there is about 1500 grafts on my head not even that survived or maybe they even didn't get that many grafts and were lying about it.


Later, I found out that the owner of the Clinic, Dr. Melike Kulahci is not even licensed to operate she is only an anesthesiologist. Also the doctor there who operated on me, left the clinic when I got back a year later. I heard that this clinic is changing doctors constantly because of managerial and money problems.


Now, I will have my second surgery in Turkey again in 10 days at Dr. ilhan Serdaroglu's Clinic in Istanbul. I have had friends that got transplants from him and were happy. I will let everyone know how was the operation and post pictures.


Hope this helps and warns people of danger of these clinics. Not only you lose money but you love precious time because it takes at least a year for the hair to settle after the operation.




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