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FUT Surgeon, Procedure Questions :)

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Hello guys,


Ive been wandering around the forum for quite a while and finally decided to register and post here, in order to get some answers and proper advice, because finally i have decided to proceed with the procedure in the next few months.


So far I have been in touch with few surgeons (Dr Path, Dr Pong, Dr Radha, Dr Madhu) with whom I would like to do my procedure with. they have all advised me that I would need around 2500-3000 grafts to restore my hairline.


Post-surgery i would like to stay away from any medications such as propecia, finasteride, rogain or anything similar, mainly because of the side effects and also the fact that I will have to take them for the rest of almost my entire life.


I have only tried Rogaine foam which did not work at all in my case, mainly because of the sensitivity of my scalp. After two days it became very itchy and red and i had to stop with the use. After few weeks i gave it another go, but it was still the same outcome.


I know that after the procedure despite the transplant hair will grow, I will still continue to lose my "real" hair because of my genetics, I would prefer to do another hair transplant in the future to cover the hair loss than to use medications in order to prevent any hair loss occurrence.


Lastly, I am more interested in FUT procedure instead of FUE.


Thanks guys

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OP you are only 24 there will not be a single person here who would recommend getting a HT now especially as you are not willing/able to take meds, and I would stay away from any doctor who would be prepared to operate on you now.

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FUT will move more hair than FUE, but it will leave you with a lifelong linear scar. As your hair loss progresses, you will have transplanted hair in the front, but be bald behind it, and you won't be able to shave your head or buzz it down.


On older guys, I think it is ok, but for younger guys, I don't believe it advisable to do FUT without being on meds.

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