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Anyone had mole removal surgery before?

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I have a few moles located on my face that I would like removed. Fortunately, they are not cancerous, I would simply like them removed for cosmetic purposes.


I don't know the technical terms, so you'll have to forgive me, but they don't protrude. They are basically flush with the rest of the skin on my face.


I don't know much about mole removal surgery and the results that can be achieved, but is it possible to remove what is essentially a spot? If so, when this spot is removed, what kind of scar is left?


Also, I live in Arizona. If someone could recommend a doctor here that would also be very much appreciated.


Thank you,



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Hi Soge,

In my country they are using various treatments to remove moles without leaving any scars... However since yours are as you share, flat and not raised...I m wondering if this particular method below might help you unless you have already had it done by now.


Please copy and paste that url but leave out the brackets




All the best

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