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Concerning about length hair and shedding post op

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Hello everyone,


Last week I posted about shaving 2-3 weeks post op (with an electric clipper). Now I have some other question/thread to share with you:


We all know the rule is that in the first month after your HT you're going to shed most of the new implanted hairs as they entered in the telogeon phase. This is being true for me now I'm close to my 4th week post op.


But! the remaining hairs that haven't fallen down don't seem to grow as fast as the non transplanted ones. I mean, some hairs are not falling but they aren't growing in length either. They just remain short. Is it normal or a matter of concern? What is expected to happen with them?


At last, I have noticed two implanted follicles that have attached to the scalp a litle black point in the root. But I have not scabs at all as I've been showering properly since day 10th. Do you know what is this?




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The majority of donor follicles are transplanted while in the anagen or "growth" phase. Most are shocked into a telogen state, and subsequently shed and lay dormant for 3-4 months, but some remain in anagen and will continue growing after transplantation. These may continue to grow and never actually "shed." It's also likely that they will grow for a short period of time and then shed - and remain dormant for 3 months thereafter.


I would need a picture of the "follicle attached to the scalp at a little black point in the root" to better understand/explain what's going on there.


I hope this helps! Good luck.

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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Thanks again, Future_HT_Doc


Maybe these hairs that haven't fall down (and they aren't growing in length either) are entering now in dormant phase and, if they actually don't fall in the next wees they will be pushed out for a new hair when anagen phase starts.


I guess it's hard to go through these previous stages before growing comes in. Everything is in change and in decline.




(By the way, I'm not very concerned about these spots. Don't seems nothing to be worried about).

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