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Combing my hair/styling after applying Minoxidil

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Hi all - As always this forum is turning out to be of immense help and guidance to me. I apply Minoxidil(but an Indian brand - Dr. Reddy's with the same ingredient and quite reputable) twice a day. Since I have diffused loss and thinning, I apply it at a number of places. Is it okay to comb your hair after 20-25 mins, when your scalp is semi-dry. Also can I use brylcreem to style my hair at that time?

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Hey Mate!

I would say that from lengthy personal experience of styling options with the use of minx is that you can commence styling at the same time.


You would be fine brushing your hair once it has applied just don’t over do it, this will ensure no tangles and build up of the product which can cause a "dusty head" like effect.


Keep in mind if you are suffering from diffuse type loss and using Brylcreem (which is pure oil based product) this may reveal more of a diffuse/thin result.

I find matte type products are really helpful or medium shine waxes.





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