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FUE and Buzz Cuts

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This question is meant for Dr. Bhatti, but all are free to chime in.


It seems that Dr Bhatti has taken on a lot of patients who were severely bald, and likely not good candidates for a hair transplant. In many cases they may either have thin donor strips, or just too much area to cover in a cosmetically pleasing way. Dr Bhatti believes that even if he cannot give them a full head of hair, they can still look better than when they started.


I have been thinking, rather than using donor hair to cover the scalp to create a comb-over look, would it be possible to implant these with the intention of buzzing hair down, so that the harshness of a bald scalp is removed, and adds balance to your face?


Take this example:




This man is obviously balding, on the other hand, he still has some hair near the front, and overall, I think it looks quite good when it is buzzed down.


I am aware that there will be scars left on the donor site, that being said, I feel that it might be feasible to try this on advanced Norwoods.


Dr A in Delhi did something similar with one patient and I know Dr Umar has done it as well.



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Hi KO,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your thread.

You are right- many people like to just have the feel of a vague hairline from a distance. with low density. This when enhanced by scalp pigmentation (SMP) can look very effective. However, in Indians there is a premium attached to long hair and in the geographical location where I practice, a person would much rather have a comb over than a buzzed look. I have not had the instance of treating patients wanting a low density spread out coverage.

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This is exactly what i am after. I am 24 (25 in 2 months) and my hair is on its way out rapidly.


When i drink alcohol, smoke etc its shedds like anything. I have been taking minoxidil for 5+ years and want to come of it but am concerned as this will mean you know what. Anywhos what getting at is this will result in an advanced norwood so was very interested in your thread.


That dr a patient is named lokesh, i too was very impressed with that result, completely changes the look of a person.


My question to dr bhatti would be this. With low density procedures how well would these blend in woth existing hair and also does it look natural when buzzed down. Surely you have had patients come who have continued to buzz their hair after their procedure? Also would the temples be noticebly different of implanted on when buzzed down?

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Hi Tigerkat,


Though I have no significant experience with this approach of giving a uniform thin look, I would like to say that it is easy to achieve if the patient wishes. The grown hair in the recipient area would match the native hair at the back and sides if done in the same low density like in this representative patient. Yes, even the side temples would look pleasing when buzzed down to the same hair length. It is a good approach to my mind in a patient who wishes this look knowing he has a low/ depleted bank of donor hair. Thanks for being part of the conversation started by KO.



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