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Fatty to Meathead (PICS)

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I used to be fat.


Here are my pics.



As you can see, I used to be fat nearly my entire life. I'm 5'10. My fattest was 230lbs (15 years old). Now (still 5'10) at 175lbs (24 years old). The "fat selfie" was in Aug'13. The "buff instagram" is Sep'14. I practice clean eating mostly follow the Paleo Diet. My workouts are core-strengthening and stability based.


It was a long journey.


And through this journey I discovered I wanted to help others with their fitness goals, too. That's why I became a certified personal trainer (NASM) and chose to major in Kinesiology at my University.


Anyway, I figured since I'll be having clients soon I might as well get a feel for how that works. So I want to help you all (free of charge) with your fitness goals.


For starters, tell me about:

Your age and gender (gives me ideas on what strategies I can suggest to you)

Your biggest health problem and full story

What you've tried

What you've HATED about what you tried


I'll read everyone's posts and see what strategies I can suggest for you.




**P.S.** I’d like to compile and organize all my answers and suggested solutions for those that are interested.


If you want it you can get a reminder when I complete it here.


**Disclaimer** Oh and by the way, you should always consult with your doctor first

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