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How to get started (drug treatment)

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Hi there,


I'm new here and even though I'm positive somebody was asking about these basics before here I couldn't find a suiting thread to it.


I am 22 and have experienced hair loss for at least three years. I would say I have Norwood scale 3 vertex. I am eating very healthy, do sports 5 times a week and, apart from drinking alcohol once or twice on te weekend, I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I am stressed here and there, but not extremely. I had a phase when I was about 16-18 where I was exposed to a lot of stress and some anxieties. Assuming my hair loss isn't genetic, can stress have been the reason for the early hair loss? Are there other very common reasons for young people experiencing heavy hair loss?


For the future, if my hair doesn't grow back I will consider a hair transplantation.

For now, I want to get treatment through products that are scientifically backed and not just wasted money. This will be the first treatment I undertake ever.


I hope you guys can help me getting started by mentioning the right products to use, how to

use them and where to get them from (for a reasonable price).


This looks like a great forum!





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Thanks KO!


Maybe someone can suggest me how to use it in terms of frequency and amount?


I do not only want to stop my hair loss but get a lower hair like again. Can I use another product at the same time? What would you suggest me for that?


Also, do people have positive experiences buying from hairrestorationnetwork.com's shop?

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The recommended dose is 1-1.25mg a day, but since many are concerned with getting sides, I think starting off a few times a week, then upgrading to every other day is a good way to start. You can then start taking it everyday if you are doing well.


You should also take minoxidil, it will help you get the most out of fin. As for lowering hairlines, unfortunately, medications cannot accomplish that. You will need to get HT surgery to lower that as the front of the scalp is the most difficult place for medications to treat. Best of luck!

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