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Hello people. This is my thread: :confused:


Is it safe for grafts survival to shave down with no guard (0) about 2-3 weeks post op?

I did it yesterday (18th day) since my scalp is I would say almost completely healed and with no scabs at all. Being said that, I feel some part of the recipient area where maybe I put some strength or contact with the skin a little bit sensitive, like numbness. I was carefully, though.


I'm afraid that the electric clipper may be rather hot (I mean, hot for a healing post op skin but not hot as hell. You know how this clippers overheat a little bit when using) in contact with skin at one point, although this time was minimum. Is this heat risky for grafts survival?


I'm starting to shed but, beyond this, I think everything is going well. I mean, I don't have redness because of the haircut or swelling. It just freaked me out this little pain and the fact of reading about sunburnings (I mean, excesive hot directly to the scalp). Should I worry?


On the other hand, I'm very surprised because when I was trying to read other similar experiences about shaving down soon after post op, I read that in beard (facial) transplants you are able to shave (with razor!) at day 9. I wonder if that is not too irritating and much worse that I did. Let's say that it calmed me dow thinking about that. Or is it different based on the sort of hair transplantation?

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The grafts are permanent and solid at 2-3 weeks post op. At this point, buzzing your hair should be completely safe. Hope this helps.

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