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Dr. Rahal

Dr. Rahal, 1569 graft FUE on a Norwood 3, 12 mos. post-op

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Dr. Rahal / Norwood 3 / 1569 Graft FUE / 12 Months Post-Op


This patient in his 40s came to us as with frontal hair loss that would have left him with a wreathe of hair over top of his head, leaving his forehead looking large and exposed. With 1569 grafts for a total of 3060 hairs, he was given the results you see here.















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Wow, Results Look Great!


My Story:

Late 2012 I was a Norwood 1 had good hair density with the exception of Zone 1 and temples. For some stupid reason I wanted to add a quarter inch to my hairline. I had a consultation with a Dr. Vogel. I was told I would be pleased with the results. I was told that I would have a pencil line strip scar won't even see it.

Dr. Vogel told he placed 1700 grafts Zone 1. My result was beyond "horrible". More like Nightmare!

After over two years of suffering I recently went to a new doctor & paid aprox. $8,000. and had FUE grafts removed from my Vogel hairline & placed into my Vogel strip scar.


The doctor recommended I come back and take remaining grafts out of my hairline and put in my strip scar as I have a Zone 1 Density of Zero. Note even two hairs per cm. I'm thinking that maybe Dr. Vogel cut the strip out of my head and took upstairs so that he could practice FUE.


I didn't see the nice Dr. again until I was walking out the door with a mess.


They pretty much require you to post proof with photos when making claims like this of recommended docs and allow the doctor to speak on your case. This thread is kind of an inappropriate place for this post as well.


Sorry to hear you had a poor result.

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I appreciate your comments on Dr. Rahal's topic however, this topic is not an appropriate place to share your hair transplant experience. Furthermore, I see that you've already shared your experience under a different username "sad2" on another topic back in 2013. Thus, I have removed your comments regarding your experience with Dr. Vogel.


That said, Dr. Vogel has invited you to return to his clinic for an evaluation and you chose not to. We suggest that if you are still unhappy that you allow Dr. Vogel to assess your situation and allow him to help you.


Best wishes,




P.S. Since you already have another account, I have disabled this one.

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sorry to hear about ur strip scar. common issue. ur hairline and FUE repair of the scar looks great now tho!

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Beautiful work (love to see the micro irregularity of Dr. Rahal's hairline work) and apparently terrific yield, on a patient with excellent hair characteristics.

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And with minimal grafts!


This guy would be beyond stoked on the outcome.





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