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1308 fue with Dr Feriduni on the 30th September 2014

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I woke up this morning after a pretty awful nights sleep, I had so many emotions running through my mind but the main one was relief that the day had finally arrived. I woke up at 6am and the doctor requires you to be there at 7:30pm. My taxi was booked for 7:15am so I had an hour to prepare myself, I started getting pretty anxious but I quashed those thoughts, I kept thinking of the alternative and that made me calmer. In the end I thought fuck it, il never see these people again, get in the taxi and walk proudly into the clinic, so that is what I did.


Once i I arrived at the clinic a very friendly man greeted me at reception. He took me to a room and said that it was my room and no one would enter apart from the staff so my belongings were safe there. He then asked me to fill in some more forms and sign concent before informing me that the doctor will come and greet me shortly.


After some time of nervously waiting Dr Feriduni arrived with such a warm and reassuring manner. He took me to his office so we could discuss things further, he checked my scalp for density and further miniaturisation, which for the most part there wasn’t any and got started drawing my new hairline. I was in there for about 45minutes, he answered all my questions and made me feel at ease, even throwing in the odd joke. For example when asked “how long have you been doing hair transplantation” he answered “this is my first one”haha, really funny guy. He then drew my new hairline which was awesome, took some pictures and then a lady came to shave my head, I really didn’t want the top to be shaved which they said was fine but now I look ridiculous hahah, I still stand by my decision.


After shaving they the. Washed my hair and then it was time for the procedure.


My first injection was in my arm when they attached me to a drip for oxygen and water then I lay down on my stomach with my head threw a whole, the doctor came and gave the injections, if I’m honest they didn’t hurt that much, he put this strange massage device near the injection which vibrates to draw attention away from the injection which helped a lot. Then the assistants started working on the extraction, they were very friendly and calming. I could not feel a thing, my face kept getting squashed and after a few hours in that position, my back started to ache. I was getting 1300 fue’s and after what seemed like forever I asked ” how many so far” and the assistant replied “about 700″, I was gutted.


I tried to sleep but just couldn’t so I just lay there listening to the music station on the TV. This was the worst bit, as I was quite sore.


Next the doctor came in, and asked me to lay my face to the side where I was confronted with a needle, he then explained this was the uncomfortable part and started injecting my forehead, he was right it was uncomfortable, my feet were flapping like a scuba diver but it was too bad and was over pretty soon. He then left a while for the scalp to go numb then started making the slits while I watched the BBC news, all about the Hong Kong protests, it’s insane scenes. Me and Dr Feriduni started talking about language and he is a very fascinating and thought provoking man, I spoke a bit of welsh to him, which he liked and then before I knew it, it was time to place the grafts.


the same two assistants that extracted the grafts placed then back into my hairline, they were lovely and while I watch the news and music channels they were telling me about there fascination with one direction and others, we all laughed, I was very relaxed. A few hours later the doctor came to make sure everything was to his standard, placed a few more grafts and that was me done. They had to give me more injections as I was bleeding a lot and it kind of washes away the numbing agent.


They then washed my hair again, took me to a room to eat some food and that was me done, jobs a good’n


I’m staying here til the 3rd to recover and will be seeing the doctor tomorrow at 9am so will update if anything changes. I can’t feel my head at the moment and have n discomfort at all.


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Hi John


Thanks for the excellent write up and blog link. It looks like nice, clean work so it'll be great seeing how it all comes along!


Yours is an interesting case for me as you seemed to be in a similar situation re:frontal recession as i am, and if/when I decide to get a transplant I had between 1000-1500 grafts in mind to touch up the hairline.


As with you I would be very keen to keep my hair long on top for the procedure, but I've always been curious how long the shaved donor area would take to properly 'blend back in' to the hair on top, and also how easy it is to disguise the recipient by styling the existing hair. So it'd would be really good to see updates of these initial weeks after the procedure. :)

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Hey Dan, thank you very much, I have used this website and others for a long time so wanted to give back to the community. My goal is to keep the front dense as am not too bothered about balding just want to keep my face framed so won't put any grafts in any future bald spots I may have. my hair is growing fine, it still looks short but in the UK the trend is to have long hair on top so I blend in pretty well into the world haha


I will always update the blog even if I'm a bit bad an updating on other websites.


Home1212, thank you very much, I am very pleased with the work

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Looks great man. Our cases look pretty similar, though I had quite a few more grafts than you did (2,000). I tried to leave my hair long on top as well, but was too skeptical about styling it around the transplanted area - so after a week, out came the clippers....


Looking forward to seeing your progress.


Oh. And I particularly liked the scuba diver visual as they injected your scalp. Haha. To this day, I'm certain thoss initial needles in the scalp were the worst part of the entire process. So much OW.

I am a patient advocate for Dr. Parsa Mohebi in Los Angeles, CA. My views/opinions are my own and don't necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Mohebi and his staff.

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FUE surgery by Dr. Mohebi on 7/31/14
2,001 grafts - Ones: 607; Twos: 925; Threes: 413; Fours: 56

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Congrats man. I just had my hair line done as well a little under 1000 FUE grafts, very similar to you. I have one question for you as I'm on my 5th day post op. Will I be able to trim my newly transplanted hair as I think I'm going to buzz my head to look normal. Thanks and looking great.

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