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Dr. Sam van Eeden - HR Institute Dublin - FUE: 1000- HAIRLINE BARRIER PROCEDURE

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Age: 25

Date of Surgery:13/04/2013



Diagnosis: Male Androgenetic Alopecia – Norwood: 4

Surgeon: Dr. Sam van Eeden

Assistants: 7

Donor area: Scalp prepared, shaved, marked and sterilized – 70% Alcohol – Chlorhexidine washes .

Recipient Area: RESTORING FRONTAL HAIRLINE – BARRIER ROCEDURE - Recipient area discussed, designed, marked and consented – Limited budget – only 1000 FUE – 2800 advised to include frontal/ midscalp

Written Consent completed: Yes

Anaesthesia: Local Anesthetic: Marcaine + 1/1:100000 Adrenaline : Occipital nerve block with ring nerve block of post great auricular, lesser occipital, auriculotemporal, zygomaticotemporal, supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves

Infection Control: Claforan IVI 1000 mg

Total FUE Grafts: 1000

Single hair FUE: 200

Double hair FUE: 800

Density measure - H : 45 FUE /cm2

Density measure - F : 45 FUE /cm2

Density measure – High Density: 45 FUE /cm2

Density measure -Fe: 35 FUE /cm2

Density measure – M: 30 FUE /cm2

Density measure – V: 30 FUE /cm2

Post-operative Comments / Complications: None












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I'm not particularly impressed with the work of this clinic on a whole really... With this case, I know only a small amount of grafts were used, but the look is still very incomplete after the surgery.

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Agree the look is very incomplete after the surgery keeping in mind only a small amount of grafts were used - see the original procedure planning Recipient Area. However, making the most of the opportunity given and delivering the best possible result with what you are given to work with is the challenge of the HR surgeon. Objectively reviewing the areas clearly marked on the photos and keeping in mind that dense packing was not requested or indicated given the request to use only a small amount of FUE, the results changed the appearance dramatically and successfully addresses the main concern of the client.


The main concern of this student was to correct the 2 natural horns splitting his forelock in two and causing him a lot of slack from friends and even strangers!!! Focussing on correcting this and blending this to the lateral temporal areas was quite a challenge. This was well achieved and he got rid of the bull's horns and is a happy customer :) He is certainly going to attend me to complete the original plan once he is qualified!!


I will gladly update these photos as the time goes on to show how one can maximise and correct challenging cases using the minimum amount of follicles..


PS: I have further uploaded the detailed studies of the forelock bull's horn before and after FUE for your perusal Mickey and trust this will clarify your concern.




Dr. Sam van Eeden





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I think he did need a lot more grafts and as the surgeon said but the patient didn't have the funds. I think with the full grafts the surgeon quoted this result would have been much better. If you are quoted 2800 grafts and only have 1000 then of course the result isn't going to look complete. The patient would have been aware of this fact.

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