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A 26 year old University student was extremely distressed with Male Pattern Hair Loss. He opted to do hair transplant surgery at our clinic.

Follicular Unit Transplantation was performed using the strip method. 2870 FUG were added to fill in the frontal area extending into mid scalp. The crown was beginning to thin. Patient requested to add 50 grafts to the thinning area. Patient was happy at the end of nine months and grateful for the change that had boosted his morale.


one hair grafts - 739

two hair grafts - 2070

three hair grafts - 61

Total number of grafts = 2870

Total number of hair 5062 follicles.







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Excellent result as usual dr radha.This type of work is what keeps our hopes alive,It would be great if yo could answer few of my questions.

1.Was the patient started on finasteride to preserve his crown and his miniaturized hair in the front ?

2.Did he suffer any shock loss as he seems to have quite a few miniaturized hair in the front ?

3. How many grafts does he have left in the bank if his hair loss in the crown progresses ?

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