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Did I dislodge a graft???

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Hello all,


I am on day15 after my transplant and things were going great until this morning. while brushing my hair I noticed what looked like a blister on my head. When I pressed on it, it popped like a pimple and bled. Do you think that I dislodged a graft somehow? I have been so careful at this point that it would really be a shame if that was the case. I have posted some pics and would like some opinions





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Hey Tercex


At 15 days it is highly unlikely you would have dislodged a graft by merely brushing your hair. General consensus is that the graft is fully anchored by day 8-10. You're probably beginning to get some spots from all the scalp activity going on beneath the surface...I'm still getting the odd one now at 2.5 months. And hey, worst case scenario...if one did drop out (although unlikely) it wont impact the overall cosmetic result.


All the best :-)

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Agreed, doubtful that you lost a graft at 15 days post op. On my first surgery (which was a terrible botch) I had the same thing, like a really big zit, I popped it and the usual stuff came out with a hair aswell, but the bloody things still grew and I didn't notice any gaps, would of been better if they hadn't grown tbh!

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