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Round #2 with Dr. Gabel BIG Success...

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Preview icon1.gifRound #2 with Dr. Gabel BIG Success...

Hello to Anyone thinking of getting some hair transplants...


I just did my second transplant 3 weeks ago and everything went great. I put 1650 grafts on the front edge of my hairline on this go-around. My first time I did 2100 all up front to build my front hairline (plus about 400 or so on my crown - which still needs more...). I worked with Dr. Gabel the first time because he had such great reviews everywhere I looked AND he was local. I worked with Dr. Gabel the second time because the first go-around turned out exactly as he had described (and more...). I loved the results so much I came back for more. And I still have to go back for 1 more session to do my crown.


Dr. Gabel and his entire staff are really excellent at what they do. They have thought of everything in advance of your procedure day and so the whole experience goes really smoothly. The healing part is just as Dr. Gabel described... and now...


Now that I added even more hair to my front hairline.. it is going to look even greater.


Here is the link to my last procedure with Dr. Gabel on this forum... it gives you a lot more details because it was my first experience with a hair transplant.




Now that I'm an old pro... 2 times.. I approached this second procedure much more relaxed. The biggest problem for me was finding time in my schedule because I travel for business.


On the second go-around the after care was easier because I already knew what to do... the procedure itself went off without a hitch... just like the first time... it was all fabulous.


I would recommend Dr. Gabel to anyone in the Portland area.. (or travel from NY if you want to.. you won't be disappointed...).


Thanks again Dr. Gabel to you and your staff.

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