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7 Weeks & look much worse than before

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I'm coming up to 7 weeks post op. Majority of the new grafts have fallen out as expected, however, my native hair around the crown is just not coming back as thick or as full as before. It looks hideous. I only had 200 grafts there as had minor thinning, but it looks like Ive lost much more than what I have to begin with. Anyone have any ideas what is going on? I'm so depressed and feel like such a fool for being so vain and wasting so much money :(




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Man, relax by now! It`s very early and a thinner look at this stage is rather the norm than the exception!


I suppose the second picture is after op, and the third picture before op? You may have experienced some shock loss in the area. According to my knowledge it`s way too early to judge whether the loss might be permanent or not. Depends on if there had been going on a lot of miniaturization, yet, or not.


But don`t panic, let`s just wait and see. Would like to read some further insight maybe from other members.


Have you contacted your surgeon, yet, and asked for his opinion?

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I did see clinic. They said that they were careful not to place grafts in areas which could lead to shock loss. He advised that the crown takes longer to come through and where I was thinning, the hair will take longer to grow through as they were less healthy than the others.


I guess I'm paranoid...I was completely prepared to lose the new grafts and expected to have my old hair back, but its not the case. I should have jus got a wig! Lol

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