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FUE May 2014 - Dr. Glenn Charles

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I'm new to posting in the forum world, however I referred to this site numerous times before deciding to finally take action on my hair loss, so I wanted to share my own experience for any future HT candidates before going down the same road I have.


I am 35 years old, and have battled hair loss since high school. About 15 years ago, I started using Propecia, and added Rogaine into the mix several years ago to combat hair thinning/loss at the vertex. I stopped using both of these when my wife and I decided to have children a few years ago. I lost a substantial amount of hair during this time, especially in my vertex area. This is when I started to consider having a HT procedure to help restore my hair.


Living in Central Florida, I consulted with 3 doctors before ultimately choosing Dr. Glenn Charles in Boca Raton for my procedure. Dr Charles was very forthright and thorough with his assessment of my hair loss condition, and confirmed my suspicion that an FUE procedure was my best option, due to good donor area, minimal recovery time (no lineal scar) and I would be able to continue to wear my hair short if I chose to.


Two days ago, I underwent an FUE procedure of 1437 grafts split between my frontal hairline and my vertex. The process went as smooth as I could have asked for . Dr. Charles' staff was very friendly and ensured I was as comfortable as possible.


Obviously, I won't know the results for some time but overall, I am very happy with the procedure. Dr. Charles even took the time to call me later that evening to follow up and to have me to reach out to him directly on his cell phone if I had any concerns.


The healing process has gone fairly well so far. I anticipate seeing the crusty scabs fall off in the next few days. I look forward to seeing the hairy results in the months to come!

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Thanks guys. I'm now 5 days post op and noticing some of the scabby crusts are falling off. Quite itchy at this point, but have been using the H2Ocean as instructed to help the healing which also seems to temporarily relieve some of the itch.


At this point in the game, I am happy with the hairline that was constructed as you can see from the pictures. Look forward to the coming months when it starts to fill in, especially in the back. Hopefully I do not experience shock loss. Currently I use Propecia and will resume use of the Rogaine in 5 days as instructed by Dr. Charles. Does anyone know if this helped control or prevent shock loss after their HT?



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Im also a client of Dr. Charles having had my third surgery this past March. I would just like to add something that might benefit others. As reccomended by Dr. Charles and everyone else I use Minoxidil to help speed up the growth process but I recently had Prp injections in my scalp I can already see the difference. It helps increase the blood flow in the scalp and many individuals have tried it after surgery. My hair after 3 months is growing a nice pace and thicker.

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Is Dr. Charles still performing FUE with the ARTAS?

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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@ Future_HT_Doc ...Yes , to my knowledge, Dr. Charles is still performing FUE procedures using the Artas. This was the method he used in my surgery 4.5 months ago.


I have continued use of Rogaine on transplant sites as well as my daily dose of 1mg of Finasteride. Its hard to say if this has helped or not as I have no prior experience to compare to. I have noticed however the growth has been much faster in the front of my hairline than on the vertex, although I am seeing some regrowth in the back. I did receive a compliment that my hair seemed to be growing back recently. This came randomly from a colleague.


From everything I have read, I should expect to see a good gauge of growth after 6 months, and after 12 months, I should see maturity of the HT.


Another concern I have is that transplanted hair seems to be rather thin compared to the other hairs. Does the transplanted hair grow thicker as time passes? If so, at what point is this expected?


I attached pictures showing the progress.



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Hey, How are you doing? Haven't seen any posts from you of late. Guess it has been close to 2 years since your surgery. How does it look now? Are you satisfied with the growth of your hair?


AM from FL too and was considering docs in the state for hair restoration. Would love to get your advice!



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