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From Edmonton to Chandigarh – Dr Bhatti- 4000+ grafts

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Finally I have some time to write down this post to document my HT journey. This forum inspired me to make a life changing decision, now it’s time for me to contribute my own experience and hope I can inspire other bald fellers

My root is oriental Asian, used to have full head of hair in early 20s, when I reached 25, my hair started shredding. Now I’m 31, I’ve visited couple local and online HT Dr, and they said that I’m NW 5 and will need roughly 4000+ grafts. After doing research online, I decided to go for FUE and Dr Bhatti seems like the best candidate in term of technical skills and price ($1.2/graft compared to one of my local Dr who charge me $14/graft:confused::confused:???)


I booked a flight from my city to Chandigarh ($1500). I laid over in London for 10 hrs which allows me sufficient time to visit London Eyes and London Bridge in a day, not too bad for a trip:D:D. And then I flew from London to Delhi, and from Delhi to Chandigarh (after reading the suggestion from the others fellers in this forum that flying straight from Delhi to Chandigarh instead of cabbing there even Dr Bhatti does offer this service). It saves time and headache especially after 30 hours flight; you just want to get to hotel right away and rest


I stayed 5 days in Altius hotel which booked by Dr Bhatti. This is a decent hotel but the staff is extremely friendly. WIFI is not so great but it offers complimentary breakfast every day. If you mention that you are patient of Dr Bhatti, they charge $50/night. This hotel is bit far from clinic (far means only 15 mins drive, Chandigarh is a small and well planned city) but it is 15 mins walk to Elante mall which is the biggest mall in town and it has all Western fast food if you are not a big fan of Indian food

Procedure day 1

My procedure was booked on April 12. After a good night rest from 30hrs flight, Dr Bhatti driver picked me up at 9h30. After arrival, I had a talk with Dr Bhatti, he immediately took pic of my hair pre ops. And drew a hairline and 2 temples ( which surprised me since I didn’t expect that he fixes my temple as well) my conversation with Dr only last for 5 mins which disappointed me a little bit since I’m expecting a 30 mins consultation before ops. I guess he was too busy on that day since he had another case in the morning before I arrived. Dr drew an uneven hairline intentionally, I didn’t like it, he told me no one hairline is symmetrical which I agree, but it looks weird when you have buzz cut so I corrected it to a symmetrical hairline. And then they took my blood sample for HIV test and planted an IV injector on my arm. This IV injector will remain until the procedure is over. It’s there for the ease of injecting antibiotics during procedure. I was told to change to different clothes. My personal belonging was lock in a safe with my owe password and its super safe.

And then I was brought to the procedure room where I had to sleep with face down for harvesting. Anesthetic was injected into my right scalp and this is the worst part for the entire of the procedure. The needle was poked deep into my right scalp and Dr injected almost 20 shots as far as I can remember until your scalp is frozen then harvesting starts. It takes around ? hr for anesthetics to kick in. After this, things get better after you lose the feeling and Dr will inject more anesthetic as he goes to the places where there is pain. Harvesting takes about 2hrs. And then, I was asked to sit straight. Dr injected anesthetics on my frontal so he can make incisions on my frontal and hairline. This part is not as bad as when he injected anesthetics on my back scalp. I was told the number of incisions is equal to number to harvesting hairs. This is the best time to do graft counts. After that, my head was wrapped to prevent bleeding and I take a lunch break. Before lunch break, I have to pay for the grafts that harvested. It was 2000+ graft as per the assistance.

Lunch was provided by a restaurant downstair, it has a choice of Indian food or western food. After lunch, I was brought back to the room, this time I sit upright, Dr’s assistant start planting hair into those incisions. This part is painless but most tedious part. Dr Bhatti doesn’t do this part but he dropped by once a while to make sure everything is under control. And I do feel sorry for the assistances so I try to joke around with them to make their job more interesting. That’s also the reason why HT is so expensive in Western country. The whole planting part takes 4 hrs.

I went back to hotel, sleeping upright position on my neck pillow. There was no pain at all for whole night

Procedure day 2

Everything is pretty much the same as day 1 except for no more blood sample need, IV injector is already attached. Still the same pain with anesthetics except for it’s on left right of back scalp. The harvested hair was planted on my crown.

Procedure day 3

I came back to clinic to undress all the dressing. And I was shown the proper way to wash my hair for the first week. I was provided with after care medicine, and the instruction how to take care of my head for 2 weeks post procedure until all the crust fall out. And of course, pay the rest of the fee which includes fee for medication and for cab

I stay in Chandigarh for 3 more days before I fly back. I also met some nice fellers who went for the procedures day after mine and we spent some good time in Chandigarh

Now it’s been 1 month after procedure. Transplanted hairs are falling to yield place for new hair to grown. I took 1 month off work. When I am back to work, no one even realizes that I had HT procedure since some of the HT hairs fall out, so my hair looks very similar to before ops. I will patiently wait for couple more months


Dr Bhatti is extremely professional on his job, he knows what he is doing and what you are expecting from him. He staff is well trained. Clinic is nice and clean with world class standard. Everything is done systematically even the instruction for after care


Graft count wasn’t transparent. I ask the staff for graft count but they said they don’t recommend it since grafts needed to be planted ASAP. So I just paid what I was told. I suggest that Dr should develop some system to offer patience graft count in the least amount of time to make it fair and transparent. However, with the result and price that he is charging, I have no complaint on my bill. It’s just my suggestion to improve patience satisfaction













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Good Luck dragonfly2014, you made a great choice. In my opinion, Dr. Bhatti is the best FUE surgeon in Asia. Hope you got the premium package where a new imported Harris punch used. One of my best forum friends had a mega BHT session with him 6 months ago using beard and chest hair along with what is remaining from his scalp donor and he is happy with the outcome so far.

Plug removal + Strip scar revision - Dr. Ali Karadeniz (AEK)- May 23, 2015

Plug removal + 250 FUE temple points- Dr. Hakan Doganay (AHD)- July 3, 2013

Scar Tricopigmentation- Dr. Koray Erdogan (ASMED)- May 3, 2013

2500 FUT (Hairline Repair)- Dr. Rahal- July 26, 2011


My Hair Treatments:

1- Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo (Daily)

2- Regaine Solution Minoxidil 5% (2 ml once a day)

3- GNC Ultra NourishHair™ (Once a day)

4- GNC Herbal Plus Standardized Saw Palmetto (Once a day)


My Rahal HT thread http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/164456-2500-fut-dr-rahal-hairline-repair.html[/size]

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Good Luck dragonfly2014, you made a great choice. In my opinion, Dr. Bhatti is the best FUE surgeon in Asia. Hope you got the premium package where a new imported Harris punch used. One of my best forum friends had a mega BHT session with him 6 months ago using beard and chest hair along with what is remaining from his scalp donor and he is happy with the outcome so far.


Do you think it's vital to choose the premium package? Why? Dr/ Bhattis website says the used one is recommended. I wonder why he would even give the option if it didn't produce the same results.


Thanks for the write up dragonfly. I hope in turns out well.

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I requested standard package as Dr Bhatti's advice. Didn't really know much difference between the new and used punch, but in term of price, 20 cents difference for +4000 grafts makes a huge difference.

Since i'm oriental asian so i don't have much chest and beard. that's why Dr didn't even bother. I wish i had more body hair so i can add more density on my crown

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ur still growing. u had a HUGE area to cover. 4000 grafts isn't gonna do it for u. you need closer to 6000-6500 grafts maybe even 7000 grafts. the grafts were placed pretty far apart but with such a large area to cover that wud be expected.

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You had a big area to cover and I am really surprised the doc tried to go all the way from hairline to crown with only 4000 grafts, especially for someone with Asian descent where skin tone to hair color ratio is stark.


You still have growing to do and I can certainly see there is some improvement from 6 months to 9 months, but I can understand your disappointment in people seeing that you had a HT. Sorry for that, but hopefully the density will improve where at least the hairline looks more natural so you are comfortable.


Best of luck.

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In my estimation, about 70% or so of the grafts showed up. Needless to say, that other 30% would've given you a denser look. Does the hair look a little wispy and slightly unnatural? I'm not gonna lie; it does. Is this Dr. Bhatti's best work? No. But I think he still did a pretty good job on you. Don't forget you were completely bald before the transplant.

Not to mention, you still have a few more months of slight maturation. If I were you, I'd buzz down to a #3 and see how it looks. It would probably give you the more natural look that you're looking for. All in all, its not a bad transplant. Unfortunately, you're probably gonna need another 1000 or so grafts.

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I can understand what you feeling like. I had hair transplant with Dr. Bhatti on Aug 21 2014 and its been 5 month , my results are almost same as yours. i will try to update my thread soon...


do you mean at the same 6 month Mark OR you have similar Growth at your 5 mnths ... that He has in his 9 Mnths ?


His Hair Look quiet quiet sparse , I dunno but if you check his post Op photos , you can see the spaces left between grafts .... Now with such gaps , I dunt think its ever gonna Look Dense at all , Just my 2 cents !

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Sorry, but this is not a good result, even concidered this is a large area covered.


Soon you will have the Clinics Rep " California" , Bashing you for saying that "Its Not a Good Result " , :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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It looks like the vast majority of the grafts did grow, which is a success in itself. Like others, though, I would question the density plan for the transplant. That's between you and the doctor. Your post-op pictures show the transplanted grafts quite clearly.


If you call this a success , then what do you call a Failure /??

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If you call this a success , then what do you call a Failure /??


When the grafts do not grow in....


I'm not sure if you and I are looking at the same pre-op vs 9 months post-op pics that I'm looking at, but it seems to me that the majority of the grafts came in. I would, however, question the graft placement and the fact that this guy didn't receive a graft count. Dr. Bhatti tried covering his whole head with a mere 4000 grafts. Not to mention the fact that we don't know the graft count and, thus, the hair count. For all we know, he could be mostly 1s and 2s. My point is that there are a lot of variables to the situation and it's easy to forget that this guy was completely bald before the procedure.

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Well sorry to say but in my mind procedure wasn't planned very well.

Why the doc tried to cover such a big area with just 4k grafts? Makes no sense.

He could just leave the crown & take care of the front. Patient can take fin & min and hope to get his crown back via medication. If still required, second procedure could be planned to take care of crown.

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Hi guys,

it's been 1 and half year after HT with Dr Bhatti,

thanks for all your inputs and i greatly appreciate them

After 1 and half year, i think whatever supposed to grow are already been grown, not as dense as i expect it, and Dr Bhatti already i told me i need another HT for another 1k or 2k grafts. However, i consult with a HT in my city, he told me the amount that I put on doenst look like i had 4000+ graft, and If it was 4000+ , it wouldve been a better job if i went for FUT. There are 2 or 3 hair follicles coming off everyday, and it looks like those are the transplanted hair. not sure if it will regrow again:(.

As you can see Crown is not that dense, but i have my hair line back, if I do over comb, from far away or if i take pic, it looks quit good. Even hairline is not as dense as i expect it. but Im happier with my hair then before HT.

To be honest, if you ask me how much am I satisfied with my hair HT, i would say around 60%. However, with the price I pay for it vs the price I would;ve paid in Canada, i think it's totally worth it. I don't think i would go for another section since the US dollar is really high now.

These are all my opinion. weather or not picking Dr Bhatti as your surgeon, it's all up to your discretion.









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Harvesting 4000 grafts in only 2 hours seems... I don't want to say impossible, but, extremely quick....


As for the coverage, you can see from your post op pictures that there is a lot of gap between the implanted follicles (ie. low density). Looking at the hairline, however, it looks like more should have grown out though.

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