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considering beard transplant… help?

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been suffering with losing my hair for so long. such a simple thing, so hard to get over right?

anyways… these days, i'm shaving my head down to a zero every few days… i use a bit of caboki in the small bald patch i have in the front in back and i'm feeling a little better overall.

the minoxidil i'd been using for a decade finally started to stop working.

i don't want to get a hair transplant. it seems like it is a bit of a never ending road… needing new procedures as you lose more hair over the years.

but… i realized that i would consider having the patches in my beard filled in and then would just keep shaving my head and have a decent beard and be done with it and get old. ;)

i'm 39 now.

my conundrum started when i realized that i could likely have some white dot scarring in the donor areas from a FUE beard transplant.

i spoke to one surgeon in nyc and he recommended 600-900 grafts to fill in the patches in my beard. it's not much.

i'm wondering what some of you might consider the best approach to doing this. i don't have chest hair, so a BHT is out, unless i do pubic hair, but i haven't found anyone who does or recommends this.

i spoke yesterday to the guy who does Dr. jeff shapiro's consultations and he told me that 9/10 of dr. shapiro's patients don't have any noticeable scarring from the specific type of FUE that he does. great news, but is it true? anyway, he is in florida or booked for ages in NYC.

i'm looking for a surgeon in NYC or southern california if possible.

thanks for all of your input in advance, i appreciate it. seems like this could be solved.

so, to sum up, i'm looking for a recommendation for a beard transplant in NYC or SOCAL and i'm wondering your thoughts on donor area scarring. i'm finally coming to terms with being bald. i don't want to fuck up my head anymore now that i'm looking to get my beard filled in.

can BHT be done to a beard with pubic hair? i have plenty and it's thick. i have leg hair too but it doesn't seem as thick.

anyways… have a great day people and i thank you again.


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Dr Umar is the most prolific advocate of body hair extraction. Wherever the hair grows, he can extract it. For filling in your beard, it would be optimal to use something of a similar caliber and texture of your beard, be it arm pit hair etc. Pubic hair can be extracted if you want to go down that route although it is taboo, ultimately if it matches your beard closely, that is all that should matter.

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i figured pubic hair would be a similar quality to beard hair but i was told that pubic hair follicles don't work as well, but i may be being told that cause doctors just don't want to do it.

i investigated dr. umar and don't know too much about him. are his results reviewed well? is he a well thought of surgeon?

also, is a beard transplant a difficult surgery? seems like it might be an easier procedure to not botch because the coverage can be less dense and still not be a problem?

in the end, i'm just trying to fill in my patches and be done with it. but obviously i don't want white dots on the back of my shaved dome.

thanks for your insight.

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