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18 years old - Major balding issue.


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Hello wise people of hairrestorationnetwork,com,


As you can see from the title and the pictures I am balding (really really fast.).


I started balding from the crown at 15 years old, and it didn't bother me that much.


So I turned 18 and graduated from high school, yay :) I bought the best suit for my prom party ! While fixing my hair I noticed I took a huge hit of hair loss at the front.

I went to the prom hoping no one would notice. A couple of close friends made a remark about my balding spot, I openly laughed about it... but it hurts deep inside.


I went to college as a freshman and left before my first semester could end because of depression.


My father and uncles are bald, so no doubt its from genetics (oddly enough my little brother doesn't seem share the same fate and he is 16.).


I think i will be getting a hair transplant before I go back to college in September this year. But I don't know where to go and what HT technique is best for me.


I am looking for the best result no matter the cost and wherever the location is.

I have seen way too many cheesy advertisement each claiming they're the best but i know they ain't true.


If you had the same situation, got treated and it worked please share some pictures and where you had the procedure.


Many thanks !






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I cant picture any ethical doctor giving an 18 year old a transplant. If you are having aggressive hairloss already there is a good chance you may end up being a NW7. Therefore no DOCTOR would be able to predict your hairloss pattern at 18 years old. My suggestion to you is to start meds to stabilize your hairloss and hopefully you will have improvement. GOOD LUCK!

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My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hasson & Wong.


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I think the first step is consulting with a trusted hair loss physician. This doctor will analyze your scalp and determine whether or not you are suffering from androgenic alopecia (genetic male pattern hair loss). If you are, he/she may then recommend proven preventive treatments like finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine). According to the published studies, finasteride caused sexual side effects in approximately 0.3-3% of patients. These same studies claim that the side effects will subside after stopping the medication. Frankly, some others disagree with these numbers, and I think you should discuss these concerns with your doctor.


At 18, you are too young for a hair transplant procedure. After you have stabilized your hair loss with preventive medications, surgical hair restoration may be a more realistic option later down the road.


Good luck!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician.

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