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Me and my dad get HTs (with Dr Villnow)

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I've been a longtime lurker on these forums for ages and now I'm going to share my story. I'll add the pictures now and some information but I'll add more later.


I'm in my mid/late forties and my hair had started falling out in my late twenties. I'd wanted a transplant for years and after looking into the many great surgeons out there, I chose Dr Villnow in Germany. I'd gone to see his clinic in Duesseldorf and I was impressed by how modern the operating theatre is and by his staff. I'd also seen many, many photos of his work online and in the newspaper and I know he'd done the hair transplant of Juergen Klopp.


I needed a lot of grafts, my hair was falling out fast and was really thin now. You can see this on the photos.












I had 3500 grafts done. The growth was very good and I'm very happy with the result. After a year, it really started to show. The first photos are from before the operation and the second photos are from 1 year after the operation.












Now after this result, my dad had been watching my progress and one day he told me that he wanted an operation too. He's in his seventies and I wasn't sure ifi t was possible but my dad wouldn't budge.


We arranged for a consultation with Dr Villnow. I was worried about the anaesthetic. I know general anaesthetic can be dangerous for older people. Dr Villnow explained that the anaesthetic was carefully chosen to meet medical standards in Germany and it was a local anaesthetic so there was very little risk that my dad wouldn't wake up after the operation. Dr Villnow said he'd operated on people of that age before. He said my dad could have 2000 to 2500 grafts.


The big problem for us was that my dad now had something else that he wouldn't budge on: he wouldn't allow the doctor to shave his head!


We went back and forth on this point again and again. Dr Villnow was very patient but said he couldn't do such a large operation without shaving some of his head and my father said he wouldn't do it.


In the end, after I reminded him that it was all his idea in the first place, he gave in and for the first few months after the operation he always wore a hat.


Here's some photos of my dad before the operation.






This is his combover




The back of his head



Now here's the first picture after the operation. This is 9 months after





This I think is the best photo below. You can see how big my father's hair has become. He's still doing the combover trick!








His result is incredible. Natural and thick. Dr Villnow I can recommend as a top surgeon. He did great work for me and my dad. More photos to come. Let me know what you think.

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Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your (and your father's) story.

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that's pretty cool that you both had it done! congrats

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