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Kirkland 5% minoxidil solution and foam


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I could't find a thread regarding these products, so forgive me if this thread is redundant.


Just a quick note on Kirkland 5% minoxidill foam and solution



I was initially using only the solution. The idea was to use it twice a day, but it leaves the hair very greasy and produces lots of white flakes once dried. Because of this I have been using it just once before bed, and then washing out the flakes with Revita shampoo in the morning, which leaves my hair feeling awesome.


However, I thought I would give the Kirkland 5% foam a go for morning applications, along with the solution in the evening. The foam is not greasy at all and leaves the hair pretty much the same as without minox, with just a little more ability to style. The condition it leaves your hair in is a far cry from that of the solution, and is worth using for those who have resigned themselves to just one application in the evening to avoid unmanageable/greasy hair throughout the day.



I got a year supply of the solution, and six months of the foam for little over $100 I think: (link removed by moderator)

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