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Is it acceptable to have a HT but reject Minox and fin?

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I am booked in for a HT, which the thoughts of are causing me enough stress already, but from what I gather most HT docs will prescribe the meds Fin and Minox for the patient.


As far as I can tell this is to prevent further loss of native hair creating islands or bald spots between the transplanted hair and the native hair and to give both patient and doc a better result.


The thoughts of taking fin and applying Minox are worrying to me. I am very sensitive to sides on any hairloss product I have tried in the past.


Me question is how advisable is it to depend on the results of the grafts alone or are the meds a must? We all know people have suffered terribly from Fin (PROPECIAHELP: Persistent Finasteride Propecia Proscar side effects info & forum) and the idea of something that changes or blocks natural processes in ones body doesn't appeal to me at all.


Has anyone rejected the meds and do you regret it?


Does anybody have suggestions for a topical form of Fin that is better?


Any thoughts and opinions are welcome.

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It depends how stable your hair loss is.


If you have been losing your hair very slowly for the last few years and consider you will maintain most of your native hair or at least lose it very slowly over the course of years, then it may be acceptable to have a HT without augmenting it with meds.


For most of us though, fin is a great adjunct to a transplant, because it helps maintain your native hair which will give you a better overall result in the future as your transplanted hair with blend with your native hair and by maintaining your hair, reduce the need for further transplants down the road. There is also anecdotal evidence that meds can help prevent shockloss.


If you are reluctant to take fin, then using something like Nizoral, topical Spiro and taking a 320mg Saw Palmetto capsule a day (standardised to 85-95% fatty acids) is better than nothing,

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Here's a case I saw recently where the patient doesn't use meds - "I stay away from drugs whenever possible, so I'm not into taking drugs for hairloss (long-term effects?). I try to maintain a good diet and use JASON Biotin shampoo daily."


He has included his 6 year post-op results:


Hair Restoration Site for biscuit

3,425 FUT grafts with Dr Raymond Konior - Nov 2013

1,600 FUE grafts with Dr Raymond Konior - Dec 2018

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minox yes you can have good results without it, Fin is tricky and it is possible but depends on how aggressive your hair loss is as Fue2014 mentions

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