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San Diego and Ross Medical Restoration - Carman and Reed good replacements?

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Hi All,


It's been a while since I've been on the forums and I'm now under a new name (previously Artie Fufkin). I had a hair transplant in May 2011 with Dr. Brandon Ross in La Jolla, California. For one reason or another I never went back to him for a check-up although for the most part I was happy with my results. The right side was lacking density and it was something I wanted to revisit with him. I noticed that the transplanted hair (not the original) is also thinning and losing density over time - partially my fault I guess as I stopped taking Fin but surely is should remain for the most part?


As I was going to the web I noticed that Ross Medical Hair Restoration has now been replaced with La Jolla hair restoration and in the practice are Dr. Carman and Reed. What happened to Brandon Ross? Did he lose his license (I did a quick search)? He was good at least in my mind but I wouldn't want to follow him around the country. I'm based in San Diego so La Jolla is perfect.


Regarding Dr. Reed and Carman are they part of the network? How do we rate them generally? Also, I saw from the pictures that they don't shave heads which is a big plus for me since I'm an executive. My hair right now looks from a distance full and in pictures also but the temples need density. I believe that with 2-2.5K with restarting Fin would result in good results but I will schedule a call.





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