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Thinking of a hair system


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Hi guys


I am 36 years and currently using Toppik to cover bald area.

I am thinking of using a hair system but not completelu sure about it.


I need your advise on :

Do you guys that already using hair systems really recommend it ?

Is it realyu undetectable ?

I live in Australia , what is the best company to buy the hair system ?


Pleae share your experince with me on any of these questions



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If you haven't already you might want to search for hair system threads. I've never used one nor plan to but from what I've read on here a good hair system, when in place, is basically undetectable. The good ones blend in with your scalp seemlessly and you can specify how much volume you want to avoid the system looking dense and unnatural.


You'd need to shave the portion of your head the system attaches to, which is a big commitment as if you change your mind... you now have a big shaved area on your head.

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Avail best

Hair Transplant system in Glasgow. They have an enhancer system which attracted me the most. I think, for everyone who is suffering from hair loss, enhancer system is the best option to go with.



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Go for it. If you are like me you wont regret anything apart from why you didnt do it sooner. I love my hair system. Its given me the best hair of my life.


Sorry, I cant recommend a place in Oz as Im in the UK and use a company here called UK HairSystems, although they do ship worldwide. Others recommend NorthWest Lace.


Read as much as you can and ask questions.

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