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Is my method a good one for progressing the hair transplant?

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Hi guys. I'm considering a hair transplant or go bald. Here's my story


I started hair loss once I started taking harsh steroids on the hair at age 19. Once this started I was like "f*** it, I'm gonna see how far my hair loss really goes and if it's that bad till all fall out anyways. But I'll be jacked." So I continued to take a lot of harsh dht steroids and hair loss continued until I'm 24, now. I took a LOT of steroids, like at times 4 times the cycle of a beginner with multiple dht derivatives in it.


I figured I could progress my hair thinning to the equivalent of age 40+ by doing this! then get a hair transplant or not by age 25, and have strong hairs left.


Now my hair is at the point where it's really the worst hair in school with the best body. I have the money for a fue in turkey. Should I get it done this summer and be done with all of this hair loss? Or should I just go bald.

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Here's photos of my hair now.


Postimage.org / gallery - image, image, image, image, image



Here's photos of afte first cycle




I know girls will still like me. But I noticed I'm treated like complete shit compared to how I was treated when I had the hair only a few years ago, since it happened so fast. I guarantee I'll look better and be WAY more confident if I can make my hair look like it once did.

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Idk yet I'm still in process of deciding if it's worth it, as well as what doctors. I just wanna go to turkey cuz the prices are so cheap I can turn it into a vacation as well cuz I've never gone to Europe.


Since I got most of the bad hairs out, will the rest continue to fall out? Or did I just progress it to worse and now it's only gonna get worse? The last thing I want is a hair transplant that lasts 3-4 years and then I'm fucked for the rest of my life with scars


I could just buy a car and be jacked

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