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Help with FUT scar repair and battle with baldness, cant take no more!!


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I am new to this forum/website. After a long while being secretive about my HT and scar, I felt it was time to open up and ask for advice on/speak to some fellow people who are in the same position and also for what I can do now, what my next option is in trying to repair my scar left by the The Hospital Group.


I am in a position now where I have to address my hair situation after around 6 years of cover up following a HT by the Hospital Group. I had the procedure done in 2008 and while I was happy with the results on top at the time, I was also left with a terrible scar running approx from ear to ear at the back of my head.. I have now lost much more hair on top (I feel I should not have been accepted for a transplant at that time, aged 22). I have exhausted methods of cover up, with now wearing my hair a tad longer on the back with fibres on top to try and cover the scar and baldness which works pretty well I guess, but is still noticeable. I am forever watching out for people looking at my head, not standing under bright light etc etc, I am sure some of you know the drill very well!!


After a lot of thought, I have realised that I do not want more HT surgery as I have been told and think that my donor area is not great. I have came to the conclusion that i would like to shave my hair down as short as I can and deal with the thin top as I feel I am getting nowhere now. My scar is approx. 10-15mm thick and approx 20cm long, it is really noticeable, so I have been looking at scar revision, ie removing the existing scar and re-closing it using the correct technique. I have seen a couple of people regarding this and one surgeon was wanting to do FUE on my scar but I am not interested in more surgery as that will leave scarring also in my ever so thinning donor area, and I feel my scar will still be seen. Another was MP on the top and a scar repair with some MP around it if reqd. I am currently edging towards the latter.


I am undecided and really would appreciate some advice on what you guys think would be a good route to go down? where are the best places and surgeons to carry out these procedures? I feel like any place I go to for advice, they are only interested in the money!!


Thanks for your time :)

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Hospital group done my 1st Ht and then again when it changed to Ziering. These were both FUT. I have a horrible stretched scar. I just let my hair grow long. I had thought of FUE in to it but not really sure if it would help much.

I have since had FUE (x2) but used them all on my head for density. I will try find a pic of my scar for you.

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johnboy, thanks for your reply. I was hoping to get a reply from someone who has went to the same place I did. I will need to upload some pics of my scar also, it is between -1-1.5cm wide all the way. I am thinking of trying to get a scar revision done to reduce the thickness of it, then possibly some MP to further camouflage it. I am worried that I am a person susceptible to bad scarring (as the Hospital Group advised me), although I took that as an excused for their poor attempt at the stitching. I am with you on the FUE into the scar where I do not think it would help me as such and would still be visible. I am lost with where to start and who to trust now though!


If you could show me some of your scar photos that would be great. In the meantime I will get a few posted of mine also.



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