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Dr Carlos K. Wesley in Los Angeles, CA for Patient Consultations (Tues, April 22nd)

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Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. will be holding in-person consultations in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, April 22nd. He will be seeing patients only on this day. Patients interested in meeting with him in person may contact Loretta, the appointment secretary, at (844) 745-6362 or email info@drcarloswesley.com to arrange for a consultation with Dr. Wesley.


Please note, the physician, not a "consultant" or a salesperson, will be meeting with you and answering your specific questions directly. As someone who takes pride in his work, Dr. Wesley looks forward to speaking with you and sharing information that was included in his recently-authored chapters on Hair Restoration published in the leading dermatology and plastic surgery textbooks, as well as the most respected physician reference site. In addition to discussing the nature of the procedure, he will determine whether or not you are a candidate and the surgical fee for the size of the session for which you are eligible.


If you would like to view additional patient results, you are welcome to view them here.

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All consultation slots have been filled for next Tuesday, April 22nd. However, interested patients may either put their name on the wait list or be notified of Dr. Wesley's next trip out West by contacting (844) 745-6362 or emailing info@drcarloswesley.com.

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