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This patient is a 54-year-old gentleman who desired to have hair to help frame his face and obtain a more youthful appearance. Examination revealed a Norwood Class VI with very fine, thin, limited donor.


We discussed his options that included no medical/surgical treatment and surgical hair transplantation. The difficulty with this patient is that his hair was very fine and that any result from hair transplantation would be thin. He understood that with such fine, thin hair that he would always see his scalp, but that the hair would help frame his face. He had consulted with several physicians who also echoed the same response.


After discussing his options, and knowing that the result would be thin, he elected to have surgery. 11 months ago, approximately 3191 grafts were placed into the frontal hairline and mid-scalp. The patient states that he is absolutely thrilled with the results as it has accomplished his goal of having hair that is natural appearing and which does ultimately frame his face.









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Looking forward to the results from HT #2 and yes, thrilled with the results from HT #1. Thank you Dr. Gabel!

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