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I completed 1500 Non-shaving FUE procedure with Safiye Kurt / Adem&Havva Hair Transplantation Center / Istanbul first week of January 2014. I am very pleased with the progress since I have done my procedure without shaving and noticing by outsider. I might be scheduling a second procedure after six month for an additional 1500 grafts, because with non shaving method max 1500 graft transplanted. I am so curios to know if anyone else have done non shave FUE method procedure to see how is the result. I attached some pictures but still its very early and I will upload other pictures after shock- hair loos.











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No the massive bumps on the actual recipient area, looks like nothing I've seen before.


Yeah I was shocked also after operation but for FUE procedure they are injecting some liquid under scalp, thats why it looks like bump but 3 days later it became normal. :)

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I would be concerned for a few reasons (and I hope i am wrong), first the recipient area looks like the grafts are pretty big (plugs) and the spacing of the grafts just look off and too far apart, once again I hope i am wrong. The other thing is the donor where 1500 grafts were taken out from look like to be pretty close to your crown or on your crown. Now this can be problem for multiple reasons 1) can lose that hair as it may be out of the safe zone depending how far you advance in your level of loss and 2) im not doc, but 1500 grafts extracted from that small patch would thin that donor area greatly. Once again I hope I am wrong and I hope there are more pictures that can give an accurate assessment of your surgery. I wish you all the best

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