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Confused about the number of grafts.

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Hello folks of HRN,


I am currently looking around actively for a hair transplant surgeon in India.


Based on the inputs I received from 3 of the surgeons, the number of required grafts vary widely. Is there something I am not aware of or is it erroneous.


Dr. Venkatram Mysore suggested I need between 1400-1800 grafts.

Dr. Radha P suggested I need between 4500-5000 grafts.

Dr. Madhu P suggested I need between 2400-2800 grafts.


Any reason for this discrepancy in the numbers?




PS: long time lurker, first time poster, please excuse any errors in the posting method

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There are a few reasons why graft counts can vary among recommendations. Some clinics are more aggressive than others. You may want to find out if these clinics are performing the same methods because this can be one of the reasons for the differences in graft counts. The grafts placed in certain areas of the scalp can increase or decrease the number of hairs per graft. There are several different kinds of calculated densities in hair transplantation as well. Some clinics just have different design orientation.

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