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Must hair be shaved short for FUE?

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I had quite a few FUTs around 20 or so years ago with very good results. I'm interested in getting some more coverage, and had a question about FUEs, which I am just now learning about.


Must they shave your entire head for you to get FUEs? I see peoples' pictures before their FUE procedure, and I'm seeing a lot of buzzed short hair. If so, would my donor scar in back of my head from the FUTs really show at this time? Would I look ridiculous getting my hair buzzed short for FUEs due to the donor scars from FUTs? If so, should I then get more FUTs instead?


Thanks for any help that anyone can provide....!

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Hi. Shaving the donor area is not necessarily a requirement for a session of FUE. Many clinics will require the donor area to be shaved to complete the session, however, there are a few clinics that requires no shaving at all. We focus on allowing our patients to have more than one option to avoid a completely shaved donor area. Shaving the donor area will reveal the linear donor scar from your FUT (strip) procedure. Strip scars can be several millimeters wide so shaving isn't an option for many individuals. Very few individuals will buzz down their heads with a strip scar showing in the rear. At the present time, patients who want to wear their hair short (1 to 2 guard in length) in the back will either have their strip scar treated or chose FUE method.


There was no option to have FUE at the time that your FUTs were transplanted. There's no certainty that you can have another FUT session without examining your donor area and scalp laxity. The donor area excision from FUT procedures can cause the scalp to tighten. With FUE, there is no question that it would be a viable option for you at this time. FUE is less invasive than FUT. FUE is slightly higher in cost because of the time it requires from the doctor. FUE doesn't require sutures and it involves taking single hair grafts from the donor area one at a time. FUT requires sutures because it involves cutting a wedge of tissue from the donor area.


Both methods can be an option for you depending on your specific goals.

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