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10 days post op can I use H&S shampoo

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hello everyone,

I am 10 days post op,all of my scabs and crusts are gone and looks to be healed up .I have been very careful to only use the graftsite and baby shampoo over the course of my post op care. However,pre surgery,I used Head and Shoulders a few times a week to keep from having dry scalp.I'd like to know is it safe to continue my use of H&S NOW (because the rest of my head is so itchy) and continue using it a few tmes a week??



1st HT 1973 FUT's with Dr.Robert Mcclellan 6/28/2007

*unfortunately I have no info on hair count on my 1st surgery ..


2nd HT 3026 FUT's with Dr. Bernadino Arocha 1/9/2014


1's - 797

2's - 3700

3's - 246

5634 hairs



3026 FUTs 1 day HT#2 post op frontal picture

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