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Donor hair


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The idea is to transplant DHT-resistant hair from the donor area into the recipient area. Again, everyone has a limited supply of donor hair - typically 5,000 - 7,000 grafts, sometimes more. Surgeons use this hair to create the illusion of density. That comes down to the skill and artistry of the surgeon. And of course the hair characteristics of the patient. A good (ethical) surgeon isn't going to over-harvest from the donor site. But as we age, it's hard to predict the future density and impact of transplantation on that area. Hopefully what remains stays intact, but there's no guarantee. MPB is progressive. Meds help, but may lose their effectiveness over time as well.

3,425 FUT grafts with Dr Raymond Konior - Nov 2013

1,600 FUE grafts with Dr Raymond Konior - Dec 2018

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