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One day after FUE with Dr Hakan - washing scalp

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Hi all,

It's been 24 hours since my FUE with Dr Doganay. I had the scalp washed at the clinic but just a bit nervous about doing it myself. I have done it once this afternoon and will look to do it before I go to sleep tonight. Maybe I'm overthinking things or being a little paranoid but just want to make sure I'm doing this correctly.

It would be great if any other Dr Hakan patients could comment..

I am moisturising the donor area then dabbing all parts of the recipient area quite lightly. I'm then doing the same with the shampoo 45 minutes later, although I don't know if I'm doing it too heavily or not.

Just looking to put my mind at ease that gentle dabbing will clean the area thoroughly without dislodging grafts. Also what is the best way to dry? Dab very very gently with a towel?

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