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hi. am 25 now... i started hair loss at age of 18.. i use finasteriod and minoxadil from 4 years... recently i had H.T .. now its 3rd week... 2 days ago i found shock loss due to h.t . m very worried now... because shock loss is too much... but there is hope of recovery because i do not find root with my falling hair.. now i want to know should i do any treatment... and by the end of 3rd week can i use toppik ( hair building fiber) .. i need guidness.. please guid me

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It's likely you can use some limited Toppiks since you're 3 weeks post op, however, you should check with your ht physician as to when they feel comfortable with their patients using filler-products.


It's normal to "shed" your transplanted hairs. Expect to shed majority of the transplanted hairs in the first 2 months. If some of your native hairs fell out due to shock, they should return in approximately 3 months.

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