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FUE coming up, what blade to shave to?

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I have a question about shaving my head before an FUE procedure. I would like my co-workers to get used to me having a shaved head beforehand. However I only want to shave down as close as necessary.


Assuming I am taking 14 days off work after the procedure, (and thus will have 2 weeks of growth before going back to work), approximately what length will my hair be when I go back to work (and thus what blade should I have my hair cut to when in work in the weeks coming up to the procedure).


My calculations are as follows correct me if I am wrong:


Doctor will shave to approx 0.9mm

Hair will grow approx 6 mm in 2 weeks.

So lets say about 7mm length when I go back to work or somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of an inch.


Here are the barber clipper sizes


1. Oster Clipper Blade Sizes

Blade - Length:

00000 - 1/125"

0000 - 1/100"

000 - 1/50"

0A - 3/64"

1 - 3/32"

1A - 1/8"

1.5 - 5/32"

2 - 1/4"

3.5 - 3/8"

3.75 - 1/2"


2. Andis Clipper Blade Sizes

Blade - Length:

00000 - 1/125"

0000 - 1/100"

0000A - 1/75"

000 - 1/50"

0A - 3/64"

OA FD 3/34"

1 - 3/32"

1A - 1/8"

1 1/2 - 5/32"

2 - 1/4"

3 1/2 - 3/8"

3 3/4 - 1/2"


3. Wahl Clipper Guard Sizes

Guide - Length:

1/2 - 1/16"

1 - 1/8"

1 - 1/2 - 3/16"

2 - 1/4"

3 - 3/8"

4 - 1/2"

5 - 5/8"

6 - 3/4"

7 - 7/8"

8 - 1"

10 - 1 1/4"


4. Speed-O-Guide (Red Guard) Guard Sizes

Guard - Length:

000 - 1/32"

00 - 1/16"

0 - 3/16"

0A - 5/16"

1 - 7/16"

1A - 9/16"

2 - 11/16"


From that I can gauge that I would be somewhere between a blade 2 and a blade 3 in standard barber clipper lengths?

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Hi Slugworth,

Firstly, how long is your hair at the moment?


If its quite long, why not have it cut short to a crew cut? say about 3/4" on top with a number 2 at the sides?


If its quite short, then a number 2-3 all over wont be much of a shock to your work mates, should you have the above done first.


Good luck with your op btw

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Ive been getting 4 back and sides and just cut with scissors on the top (say an inch).


Yeah maybe ill start with number 2 back and sides and 3/4" on top. Then a week later I can go with number 3 all over and see how it is.


I assume it will be better if I shave it completely (say to a 2 or a 3) at some point before the procedure as then there will be less questions asked when I come back after the procedure.

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Hello there. A two guard on the back and sides should allow you to maintain anonymity with your co-workers. They will react in a certain way no matter what length you choose. Consider initiating these changes earlier than planned because you may want to allow yourself some amount of time for experimenting with hair styling. I wouldn't touch the top unless you know for sure that your clinic will shave the top as well. You might want to give them a call to see if they can compliment you with such an arrangement. Here's another consideration for smooth transitioning after FUE surgery. Think about getting yourself some kind of concealer because you may experience slight pinkness that could linger for up to three months. This is due to increased blood flow and inflammation from the trauma of the procedure. I hope this info is helpful to you. Best of luck on your journey!

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