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This patient had 2752 grafts placed into the frontal hairline and scalp. He is now approximately 15 months out from his surgery and his hair has grown in very well. Most important to him, it is very natural and he has received numerous compliments from his family and friends who he shared it with.


The grafts were placed in a coronal orientation and were dense packed (see close up photo actually documenting the clean, dense packing). I include the preoperative drawings the viewer is able to see the hairline design and the final, natural results. The photos were taken in our Seattle office so the background/camera are not the same as in our Oregon office. This patient has posted on his own and I will update his thread with the photos. He stated when I saw him that the results more then exceeded his expectations.









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Bumping this one cuz it's such gorgeous work and seems to have flown under the radar. I'm loving Dr. Gabel's hairline work: ultra dense packing (61 FU/cm2 here!), perfect angulation, and just the right amount of micro and macro irregularity to avoid the blunt wall-of-hair look. Nice!

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