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The big day is fast approaching...

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I fly out to Turkey on Tuesday for a couple of FUE sessions with Dr Hakan Doganay next week. It's my first HT. I fly back on the Friday morning after two sessions in between.

Starting to get a little nervous/excited as I'm sure everyone does.

I wanted to work from home for a couple of weeks after the surgery but could only get one week from my employers. Guess I will be going back to the office a little red and maybe swollen!

Apart from that I think I'm ready. I've asked plenty of questions and have been lurking on here and in touch with other surgeons for a couple of years.


I'm not on propecia but will take it for a couple of months afterwards at the suggestion of Dr Hakan's emails. I think I will try to phase it in as I have seen in one of Spex's posts on here.


Guess I'm looking for any last minute advice or warnings before I fly out. Either from patients of Dr Doganay or anyone else.



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Hi Suarez,


No problem, if you want to PM me in a week or so I'll be happy to pass on any advice.



Hi Nuno


Yeah sounds good, I just booked the hotel yesterday. I'm sure you are buzzing, I hope everything works out for you, try and get a good nights sleep tonight! Good luck :)

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Good luck to you ,keep us updated !

1st HT 1973 FUT's with Dr.Robert Mcclellan 6/28/2007

*unfortunately I have no info on hair count on my 1st surgery ..


2nd HT 3026 FUT's with Dr. Bernadino Arocha 1/9/2014


1's - 797

2's - 3700

3's - 246

5634 hairs



3026 FUTs 1 day HT#2 post op frontal picture

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