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HT #2 with Dr. Beehner (1550 grafts) 5.5 month update!

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What a journey it's been. I'm about 5.5 months post-op from my 2nd transplant with Dr. Beehner, and am very pleased with my progress after 3,300 cumulative grafts. Hopefully, the photos speak for themselves (forgive the poor lighting in my bathroom and my point-and-shoot camera)






For context, here are my pre-HT #1 (the first two) and 12 month post-HT #1 (the last) photos:






Very exciting to think how far I've come, and the fact that I'm still only at around 50% growth from HT #2 thus far. My donor is awful, but Dr. Beehner has worked magic with a relatively small # of grafts. I can see myself returning for a 3rd procedure of perhaps 1000 grafts to thicken things up some more, as well as a few hundred into the patchy spots I have on my sides.


I should also mention that I've found an amazing product made by American Crew called "forming cream". Great stuff that really helps thicken things up without any greasiness whatsoever. Really helps to augment what I now have in the hairline. Purchased mine at Target for around $16.


Your thoughts would be much appreciated!

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Looking great, you've come a long way.

That will change massively as it matures. I thought mine was finished at 8 months, but it really did thicken up after that time.



October 2011 - 1647 FUT - Dr Dorin


January 2014 - 1580 FUT - Dr Dorin

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