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Experts, need your advice please

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Hi all,


Am a long time lurker and first time poster. Thanks to the forum, there are many interesting stories with lot of experiences.

After losing almost half of the hair ;) , with lot of thinking and some research(in this forum) I finally decided to go for a transplantation. Hope I saved enough for a transplantation.


I need your expert advise based on your experience(s) on the following please.

1. Based on the pics attached how many grafts do you think I need?

2. I am currently having Finasteride 1mg (Finpecia by Cipla) for last 3 months. I read one of the side effects with this medicine is temporary impotence, erectile dysfunction. Should I be using this medicine even after transplantation.

3. I was always thought to have FUT, but after reading the advantages of FUE(of some of our forum members like GaelicDawn, eternaldenied, California, Johnny24) am thinking to go for FUE. Based on my pics what do you guys think is best works for me, fyi I have a very think back hair. I dont mind FUE is a bit expensive, say around 70-80K Rupees ($1000-1500).

4. I am based in India, if I decide FUE I am thinking to go to Dr Bhatti and if FUT its Dr Radha, whats your opinion? not contacted them yet, about to send emails.

5. I read some doctors claim they transplanted more grafts infact they did less grafts, how can we make sure they are correct?


Thanks for you time guys, am sure some of these are silly questions but I am not wise and need your honest opinion ;)


Pardon my photography if they are not good enough to judge, used smartphone/laptop combination to get the pics in correct angles.


Thank you very much











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