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Is it ok to Trim Transplanted Hair using Hair Trimmer or Scissors

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A brief intro.


I was norwood 6 before transplant. So as you know, my requirement was huge. So the surgeon told me that in first phase the implants will be done only in front and middle of scalp and not the crown area. It was around 3000 grafts. I will post more photos soon.


The problem is that, its very noticeable as the transplanted hair is obviously very thick, and rest is very thin. It has been 20 days now, and the i was wondering if it is ok to trim the transplanted hair using trimmer and scissors so that it is more camouflaged, when the new hair starts growing i will let it grow then. The transplanted hair has not started falling off yet, so please let me know if trimming using a hair trimmer machine will affect that.


Please advise.





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21 days sounds about right. I saw that somewhere else. I waited 30 days, but only had the donor area cut. You should shed some, if not most of those hairs in the next few weeks.

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