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What should I expect with an additional surgery? Photo update w/Dr. Edmond I. Griffin

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This patient had his first procedure three years ago. He was very happy with his results from the procedure. He has been using hair loss prevention as suggested. Unfortunately, hair loss preventative medications do not completely stop 100% of any further hair loss. However, you are certainly much better off preventing most, than none. If your goal is to have a fuller look, consider an additional procedure to increase overall density in the areas of concern. In the images you will notice in the frontal region there is more hair volume overall with his second procedure. The change from the surgery is subtle. The objective was to replace any hair lost, without drastically changing how he looks. A smaller session of 1,354 grafts, totaling 2,888 hairs were all that was needed to increase his hair volume. Despite darker hair coloring than the previous surgery, there is a noticeable improvement in hair body, which enhanced his appearance with a relatively smaller, more economical surgical option. The second procedure was also done using strip harvest, since there was a scar from the first procedure. The initial scar was removed during the tissue harvest for the second surgery. The images show the "Before", "After" the first surgery, and last image is the most recent image taken one year after the second procedure. I advise all of my patients on continued use of hair loss prevention medications.







Hair Restoration Specialist with Dr. Edmond I. Griffin and Dr. Ashley R. Curtis of The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration in Atlanta, GA 1-800-806-4247 Our patient goal is to create imperceptible and natural looking hair transplant results.

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Nice use of a small amount of grafts. There is a large sub group of patients (like me eventually) who will benefit from a small procedure due to further loss. This small surgery may improve his appearance for some years to come before he needs another "bump".

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