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How many grafts are needed? Temple peaks + density

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Hi everybody.


I'm currently in the waiting period after having 2700 FUE grafts transplanted to my hairline and crown at the 1st of November at GetFue in Antalya.


I would really really like to have some work done on my temple peaks as I believe that they are crucial to shape the face right :)


I'm thinking that I will go to dr. Hakan next November to get it done.


I have taken a picture where I imagine that my new temple peaks should run. Too aggressive or OK?

My question is, how many grafts do you think is needed for the temple peaks and also to give some added density on top as I'm thinning there. Around 3000? :confused:


Hope you're all having some great holidays.


kind regards,

Michael Knudsen, Denmark




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hey knud


this is very easy to do on your own


step 1:


take a piece of plastic wrap and place it around your head, flat to the forehead and over the ears.

tape it or secure it in the back so it is tight


step 2

then draw the outline of the hairline you want on the wrap with a marker


step 3


print out this pic which is a page of cm2 boxes

Graph Paper to Print - 1cm Squared Paper


step 4


place the wrap with the outline over the sheet of cm2 boxes


count the boxes within the outline


this will give you the recipient area in cm2 that you want covered



for temple points the most grafts that are done in this area is around 40 grafts per cm2 because you do not want that area too thick


for the hairline and temple angles the amount of grafts can vary depending on the doctor you choose but most shoot for somewhere between 40 and 60 for each cm2


you can make templates for many different hairline designs and calculate the approx cm2 and grafts needed with this method

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Most temple point cases I have seen are between 400 to 700 grafts. Yours may be higher as you have drawn quite s large area. The point it's that tp's do not require the density that other areas do. If you did a 3k case you're looking at getting a little over 2k to aid in density plus you're temple points being done. Temple points are really a specialty and I would only allow the truly artistic doctors touch this area.

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Thanks for the answers.


What are your thoughts about letting Dr. Hakan work on temple peaks?


He seems to be getting a lot of good reviews and his results looks very good. Anyone who has been to Dr. Hakan and getting their temple peaks done?


I guess it is pretty crucial to get the angle right so the hair growths "along" the face :)



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