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Traveling to developing countries after hair transplant surgery

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I am long time lurker here and this forum has helped me tremendously in choosing my course of action to hair restoration surgery. I'm posting for the first time due to a peculiar question.


I had an FUE HT 7 weeks ago and everything has been good so far. However, I am having a work trip to China and Vietnam (and most probably also Laos) in in beginning of January. I'll be staying at hotels during my 2-months log trip. I'm now concerned about hair washing in those countries, since the water quality in those countries is not good. Do you think washing my newly transplanted hair/grafts with not-so-good quality water for few weeks in those countries will have any adverse effect on my result? Anybody has had any experience or knowledge to advice?

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By 7 weeks post-op all tissue will have granulated and healed. Only general hygiene instructions should be used. If you cannot drink the water, I would hesitate to wash with the water, with or without a hair transplant. Hope this helps!


Thanks Dr. Vories for your advice.


Drinking normal tap water is not recommended in those countries. So do you recommended to wash my hair with mineral water then?

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