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I found this site when researching transplant, and it's clear that I am way too chicken (and stingy) to do that at this point.


Someone at a salon once recommended Nioxin shampoo, so I bought a huge jug and used it mostly consistently until it was gone with no discernible result.


I know myself well enough to limit what I do to a once-a-day shampoo, because that is what I am most likely to do consistently.


So, forum members, what is your recommendation for a once-a-day shampoo? While I am new here, I am not new to forums. I will read up on other posts but I would like to hear the latest from you guys that use it now. What product should I try, and why?

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Honestly, if you are relying on shampoo only to help control hair loss, I would not bother. If your serious about it, get on Minoxidil and Finasteride. You will only be spinning your wheels with the shampoo only.

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You will only be spinning your wheels with the shampoo only.


I agree....I am not a big believer in shampoo being much of a factor in preventing hair loss or re-growing lost hair....so I just pick a quality shampoo like Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo. It's what I use almost every day.



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Go light. Use gentle, sulfate-free shampoos. While I won't guarantee that it will help your hair grow back, at least it will help slow down hair loss and make your hair shiny and healthy. Try Pro Natural's argan oil shampoo. It will help maintain the health and volume of your hair and it won't dry it out too. I've seen many salons use this brand already, so I got one for myself. And btw, it does help to check the ingredients of the shampoo you're using. some contain chemicals which coudl speed up hair loss.

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