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Long time no forum.

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Just a quick update, I haven't posted on here in possibly years now? Wow , two and a half years since my 2800 graft procedure with Dr Rahal.


Had a scan through the forum seems much has changed with new members and physicians which is awesome having an extended network for hair loss sufferers.


I must apologize I did leave the forum in a bit if a huff two years ago over some trivial garbage that was going on between some members.


Now a little older and a little wiser I guess.


Noticed Dr Rahal can't post here anymore due to CAN regulations? Kind of sucks but we all know he is the master.


My hairline is still pretty good to this day, I did post pictures in my profile but they are not currently there? Possibly a moderator can fail me in on that? No matter I can re post for you all to have a gawk at.


June 2014 will be my three year mark which will test my provider vs further loss.

I won't lie I believe that I have lost slightly in the side temples since my procedure however Dr Rahal did not plant there. I have some ongoing concerns in on particular temple point which had no hair originally and was transplanted where it seems I have lost some areas...almost as if the hairs look punched out. This is very minute however just something I hav observered the past year.


I commenced Dutasteride Feb 2013, is it working? Maybe, I'm not really different to then however I have been taking both Fin and Dut since this point. Dut EOD.

Bloods are currently normal.


My GP is following my progress.


Ill try get some post op, pre op, one year and current photos up.


I am have a small think in regards to a second procedure but not for another 12 months I think. Need to tidy up some areas and get the good Doc to check out my vertex etc.


My regimen has not really altered minus the use of .5mg Dr Reddys Dutas.

I have ditched the concealer as of Dec 2012, just could not be stuffed with it anymore plus my GF though I was nuts using it.


Anyway, I'll follow up with my pics and try to be semi social throughout the forum.


Cheers guys!

"The road to success is always under construction"


:cool: I represent Dr Rahal and the associated clinic as a paid patient advisor.


I am also here to assist fellow Australian/NZ Hair Loss sufferers both on and off the forum.


Contact: mbhounslow@gmail.com - Mike.

Hair Transplant Surgery:

June 3rd 2011

2800 Grafts to frontal 1/3

By Dr Rahal in Ottawa, Canada



Current Hair Loss Arsenal:

Dutas .5mg every day 1.5 years and Proscar 5mg (Cut into 1/4): x1 Daily 10 years


Hair-A-Gain Generic Minox: x2 Daily 13 years

(Applied wet in mornings)


Other Random products put to use during my hair loss battle (not in use):

Spiro Cream 5mg

Minox 15%

Dr Proctor's Nano Shampoo

Various Herbal supplements

Toppik/ Nanogen

Saw Palmetto

Provillus - LOL

Nanogen Shampoo

Laser Treatments (Epic Fail)


10 long years of HT and general HL research.:cool:


*I am not a medical professional, I only offer my own advice from personal experiences and years of detailed research*

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Welcome back! I can't imagine why the photos you uploaded are not displaying. Perhaps tyr again. Let me know if you receive any error messages. Maybe I can assist. I'm looking forward to viewing the pics.


It's true that Dr. Rahal was not permitted to participate in our community for a while but he's back now and has a new rep since you were here last.


All the best!

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


View my Hair Loss Website

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