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Technicians who help in hair transplants

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I was just wondering about technicians and their role in the hair transplant surgery, what kind of qualifications and experience are they expected to have? How long should they have been performing surgery for? They are involved in dissecting of grafts and implanting of grafts into the recipient areas, the surgeon/doctor is not always present to direct/supervise the surgery and going-on's in between, its quite scary and unsettling in a way,the final result is dependent on the work of the technicians just as much as the surgeons,maybe even more contribution from technicians. What kind of questions should one ask a technician when going for a consultation at a hair clinic?

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Technicians play a huge part in the hair transplantation process. Hair restoration surgery is a team-based, cumulative procedure, and a satisfactory outcome depends on the efforts of both the surgeon and the technicians. In most cases, technicians have years of experience and worked in the hair transplant field for quite some time. What's more, most surgeons spend a good amount of time continually training and reviewing their technician's work.


While surgeons supervise and oversee a lot of the technician work during the procedure, complete direction really isn't necessary. Like I said before, the technicians are highly trained and very skilled at microscopic dissection (as I assume you are talking about strip surgery). During your consultation, I highly recommend discussing the technicians with your surgeon. Ask how long they've worked together; how the surgeon ensures they are performing optimally; and how much the surgeon supervises or feels the need to supervise.


Hope this helps!

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definitely no way for me, and would hope the clinic would mention it.

the very best docs out there place the grafts themselves while being assisted in some way by the techs

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my friend had a transplant at a clinic that had a new tech helping an experienced tech doing all the placements of the grafts.


he could tell because of "corrective talk" between the two such as, "Remember no two's in the front, etc."


funny thing is the side that the new tech did grew in denser than the side the experienced tech did which had bald spots!


so you never can tell. you just have to go with the clinic that you feel most comfortable with and who has proven results over a period of years.


the surgeon only came in to check the work at the end and administer numbing meds


sometimes they have tech turnover so you get stuck with a newbie


i think this is how most clinics work. though, I think Dr. Konior and Dr. True do the implanting themselves

(but don't hold me to that)

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