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2nd hair transplant FUE or FUT

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I just recently had a hair transplant which is about 3000 graft. The results are pretty good for 4 month, but I'm still lacking density, and i would like to add more density on a second hair transplant. My doctor said i have about 1500 graft left on FUT. My question is should i do FUE or FUT. I was thinking doing FUE on my second hair transplant, and im planning to get the doctor to extract my body hair which are my armpit and pubic area because i dont have chest hair and extract 1000 more graft doing FUE at the back of my save zone hair.

Should i go for FUT and take out 1500? or Should i go for FUE take out 1000 graft + 500 graft from pubic and armpit.

BTW will any doctor take do graft from my armpit and pubic hair.

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