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Is a clippering no guard- 0 short enough?

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Hi all,


Looking for a response from someone that has already had SMP done. I am getting it done in a couple of weeks. I 'shave' my head with clippers (no guard, 0). Just wondering if I will need to go even shorter than this i.e shave with a razor?

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I had an SMP procedure done over 18 months ago. I have thinning hair on the frontal portion of my scalp, very thin coverage on my crown, but also I still have very thick growing strips of hair on the top/sides of my scalp and these two areas are always darker than the tattooed dots on the rest of my scalp. Even if I shave with a zero guard to clip the thicker hair as low as possible, it still gives the slight appearance of balding b/c my remaining thicker hair always looks thicker/darker. I have very fair skin and very dark hair and I believe this to be a factor. At this point I think I need to add SMP density. I am leaning towards just having the thin areas of my scalp shaded with ink instead of more dots. If I keep adding dots it'll just be one blanket anyway. Does anyone have any knowledge or advice on this matter?

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In your case, I agree, zero , unless u wanna go for some zani bck to the future-electric shock look.. That said, just 1500-2000 FUE grafts might change the equation if they are put in,the right places at flat angled. SMP means I can grow it.

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